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Its over then?

December 27, 2007

So Christmas has been and gone for another year! It wasnt all that bad afterall I suppose!

Anyway, Ive been off work with a sick note from my doc this week (I go back on Sat .. My birthday!). Last week I was actually really poorly. Mon – Thurs I couldnt eat without throwing up, Fri – Sat I managed to eat but didnt throw up but still felt sick as a pig. Sunday and Monday I managed to eat without feelin sick or throwing up. 

Anyway on Christmas Eve I headed down the Chequers because it seemed the thing to do. It was quite a fun and eventful night.

Christmas Day was spent with me and Stu feeling worse for wear, but we managed to get to the pub for a pre Xmas dinner drink.
Spent Christmas Day Night on the puter or watchin shite Xmas day telly!

Boxing Day I attempted to get a train. But trains are gay so I couldnt get one. I wasnt impressed!
So instead after my dinner of steak and chips Mum, Dad and me headed to the pub for one.
Went back again later to meet up with Shane, Kirstie, Navy Matt and Edd. Was a good night. Wasnt drunk or anything but we had a laugh!

Today Ive done shit all. Chrissy came round for a fag an cuppa chaa! I attempted to play Dead Rising on the Xbox360 but got scared and wasted loads of time! Then Chrissy had a go and died because he was tryin to kill zombies with a pot plant! LoL! Was quite fun tho.
But I wasnt overly impressed you couldnt just spend 3 days killing, app you have to do missions as well! Gah!!

Im off to the pub tonight to see Alex before he buggers back to Pompy. Whenever that may be!

Norms coming to see me tomow until the 2nd Jan .. and .. 2 Days til Im 22 ..!!


Its snowing!!

December 25, 2007

Or at least it is on my blog .. until the 2nd of Jan! Ha! I love it.

Tho I kinda do and also dont want it to snow here. I love snow, but if it does then Norm might not be able to come and that would be bad.

Anyway, my Birthday in 4 days! Lets rejoyce at me turning 22!! WOotage!



December 25, 2007

Why dont we rename Christmas as ‘Annual Have a Go at Liz Day’? Because thats what it always ends up being!

Today Ive been shouted at for:

-Not eating enough
-For wanting to see my friends
-For being cold
-For sitting in someones chair (who wasnt sat in it and wasnt going to be for a while!)
-For not being cheery enough
-For getting text messages

I wanted to go round to K’s to see her and Chrissy, but I was told that I shouldnt go out on Christmas because I have to spend time with my family .. yet my brother is allowed to go off and do what he wants! Brilliant!

What about the yearly ‘Your a useless lazy idiot’ speech I get off my Uncle, Mum and Nan. Because I got kicked out of school and am going nowhere in life.
Not that they support anything I wanna do to better it, such as Uni or something. If I mention that, Im not clever enough or too lazy!

Im sure no one else spends Christmas as fucked off as I do. I sometimes wonder why I get excited by it all. Because its just this every single year! And now Im getting moaned at cos Im sitting in my room. Only to get away from the constant sniping mind …


So here it is …

December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

to all my avid readers!


Zomg! Radiohead!

December 24, 2007

Just got tickets for me and Matt to go and see Radiohead on 29th June 2008 at Lancashire C.C.C. in Old Trafford (wherever that is, I think is Manchester!).

Im totally excited for it! I love gigs and Ive wanted to see Radiohead since like, (well actually not that long) 2005/06. Ever since Matt played ‘Spinning Plates’ live to me!

I love em!

Now, if only I could get a gig where REM supported Radiohead who supported Muse, all in the same night/afternoon! God, I’d probably cream myself!!


Ski visits!

December 23, 2007

Yesterday Norm came down from his Mums to see me and so we could give each other our presents before Christmas. He arrived at midday but I wasnt expecting him til like 1pm so I was still asleep! Gah!

We had some lunch and headed off to Tesco where I did my Christmas shopping and whilst we were around that area Norm had his car washed. I hate going thru the car wash. The roller things and the noise freak me out, but thats not here nor there!

We then settled down for a night in with the Strictly Come Dancing Final. Im pretty sure Ive not been out on a Saturday night since it started 3 months ago, except for work.
Alesha won, Matt came 2nd. I was a bit up set because I think Matt did better on the final night, but whatever, its vote that count .. apparently!

Whilst the dancing was off (first show finished at 7:30pm and 2nd show started at 9:25pm) we watched the Three Tennors back in 1990 at the World Cup in Italy (or something to that effect). It was surprisingly good. Esp as Pav sang my most favourite (yes, I do indeed have a favourite opera song) Nessun Dorma. Its so pretty 🙂

I decided I’d have far to much culture this year. What with the Jazz gig, going to the Theatre in London then Opera (it counts even tho it was on the telly).
Apparently next year Norm is gonna try and get me even MORE cultured. Tho tbf, Ive been to the BBC Proms, so I have actually been cultured before.
Tis just not in my nature. But app a trip to the Tate modern is on the way! Haha!

Anyway, it was a very enjoyable night. Tho was slightly ruined by the fact when I got into bed I had to get out again to throw up!
First time for like 2 days. But I think its cus Id actually eaten properly and my stomach just isnt used to it yet. But we’ll see!


2 days to go

December 23, 2007

So, yesterday I finally managed to get all my Christmas shopping finished! Tho Im still pissed at Tesco’s selection of PSP games!
Is the PSP not overly popular or something? I thought everyone loved it? Or has everyone turned into a Nintendo fanboy/girl?
(Tbf, Nintendo > Sony)

I only managed it as far as Uphill Tesco with Norm, but I did get something for Mum, Dad, Nan and Matt. So its all good!
Ive even finished wrapping htem and making them look pretty!

Seems the only thing left to do is wait til Xmas day now ….