5 Days ..

December 20, 2007

So theres only 5 days left til the big day and am I prepared? Have I done all my Xmas shopping? Have I fuck! Ive not had chance, since I only got paid today and Im sick in bed and anyways, since Im off work it probably wouldnt look too good if Im there Xmas shopping in town, you get me?

It means Im gonna have to send someone into town for me to do my shopping. This sucks because I mean, what if said item is sold out? Then what? I cant see whats in th shop from my bed. Its not like I can even do it online because its far too late now. Its my own damn fault for spending my November wages in like 10 days! Gah!

Tho, to be fair to myself I did get a present for Norm and Stuart. Tho its not the present I wanted to get Norm, cus he wont tell me what he wants. I did get Matt(Nev) something, but he already had it. My stupid fault for not asking and just assuming!!

I know Matt wants a PSP game, and I think I know which one Im getting him, its just back to someone else nipping into town/tesco for me.

Tho I suppose I can go to Tesco. We’ve all gotta eat and get supplies right? Idk …

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