Zomg! Myspazz FTL!

December 20, 2007

Yuh! So I just went on myspazz as I do very occasionally because I steal quizzes from there but the main reason I still check on it is cus my friend Ian uses it. Idk why he refuses to use FaceBook when its quite blatantly superior! Hee hee!

Anyways, I was on and I was thinking, all those ppl on FB who are saying its getting too much like MS. Well, I think not. Infact, I think MS is getting more like FB!
Its got photo tagging and a news feed and a status updatery thing! I mean, those things were never on 6 months ago when everyone was on Myspazz!
Maybe they’re trying to get ppl back .. but I doubt it. I was on a few ppls profiles and the annoyingness which ensued was just .. well, annoying! The music, the annoying shiny backgrounds! Gah! Even my profile offended me!

The things you do when you cant sleep eh?

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