Ski visits!

December 23, 2007

Yesterday Norm came down from his Mums to see me and so we could give each other our presents before Christmas. He arrived at midday but I wasnt expecting him til like 1pm so I was still asleep! Gah!

We had some lunch and headed off to Tesco where I did my Christmas shopping and whilst we were around that area Norm had his car washed. I hate going thru the car wash. The roller things and the noise freak me out, but thats not here nor there!

We then settled down for a night in with the Strictly Come Dancing Final. Im pretty sure Ive not been out on a Saturday night since it started 3 months ago, except for work.
Alesha won, Matt came 2nd. I was a bit up set because I think Matt did better on the final night, but whatever, its vote that count .. apparently!

Whilst the dancing was off (first show finished at 7:30pm and 2nd show started at 9:25pm) we watched the Three Tennors back in 1990 at the World Cup in Italy (or something to that effect). It was surprisingly good. Esp as Pav sang my most favourite (yes, I do indeed have a favourite opera song) Nessun Dorma. Its so pretty 🙂

I decided I’d have far to much culture this year. What with the Jazz gig, going to the Theatre in London then Opera (it counts even tho it was on the telly).
Apparently next year Norm is gonna try and get me even MORE cultured. Tho tbf, Ive been to the BBC Proms, so I have actually been cultured before.
Tis just not in my nature. But app a trip to the Tate modern is on the way! Haha!

Anyway, it was a very enjoyable night. Tho was slightly ruined by the fact when I got into bed I had to get out again to throw up!
First time for like 2 days. But I think its cus Id actually eaten properly and my stomach just isnt used to it yet. But we’ll see!

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