Its over then?

December 27, 2007

So Christmas has been and gone for another year! It wasnt all that bad afterall I suppose!

Anyway, Ive been off work with a sick note from my doc this week (I go back on Sat .. My birthday!). Last week I was actually really poorly. Mon – Thurs I couldnt eat without throwing up, Fri – Sat I managed to eat but didnt throw up but still felt sick as a pig. Sunday and Monday I managed to eat without feelin sick or throwing up. 

Anyway on Christmas Eve I headed down the Chequers because it seemed the thing to do. It was quite a fun and eventful night.

Christmas Day was spent with me and Stu feeling worse for wear, but we managed to get to the pub for a pre Xmas dinner drink.
Spent Christmas Day Night on the puter or watchin shite Xmas day telly!

Boxing Day I attempted to get a train. But trains are gay so I couldnt get one. I wasnt impressed!
So instead after my dinner of steak and chips Mum, Dad and me headed to the pub for one.
Went back again later to meet up with Shane, Kirstie, Navy Matt and Edd. Was a good night. Wasnt drunk or anything but we had a laugh!

Today Ive done shit all. Chrissy came round for a fag an cuppa chaa! I attempted to play Dead Rising on the Xbox360 but got scared and wasted loads of time! Then Chrissy had a go and died because he was tryin to kill zombies with a pot plant! LoL! Was quite fun tho.
But I wasnt overly impressed you couldnt just spend 3 days killing, app you have to do missions as well! Gah!!

Im off to the pub tonight to see Alex before he buggers back to Pompy. Whenever that may be!

Norms coming to see me tomow until the 2nd Jan .. and .. 2 Days til Im 22 ..!!

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  1. I’m dissapointed Lizzie, no posts in ages 😀

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