Saying all that …

January 3, 2008

I actually had an amazing Birthday!!

Norm came to see me and we went out for lunch. Went shopping for a bit and ended up in the pub with a few of my friends from down here. Went back to my house for more drinks and went to sleep about 5am!
It was one of the best birthdays Ive had! So thanks everyone!

NYE was amazing too!!

Me and Norm went to Kirstie’s house to see her and Chrissy. Went to the Star and the Hart. I got very drunk and fell asleep somewhere around 2/3am!
But it was nice to hang out with them and just chill. You know?

Thanks to Ski …

Because he made my Birthday really great 🙂 (not that everyone else didnt too mind you ..) but, idk, it was just nice to be with him on my day!
I just know 2008 is gonna be good for our relationship. I cant wait to see what happens. Its all gonna be amazing!



  1. /sob

    I didn’t make your birthday amazing 😦

  2. Of course you did 🙂
    Im so glad u turned up! Made my day 😀

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