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My Neville

December 21, 2007

Last night my best friend (an ex bf) Matt (also known to some as Nev) came round to cheer me up because I’d been moping around in bed for the past 4 days!

Anyway, he brought my Xmas prezzie which is SO good. Its a graphic novel/comic book stylee (book) called, ‘Marvel Zombies Vs Army of Darkness”
Srsly how cool is that? Superhero zombies and Bruce Campbell (leg-end!) together! What more could you want in life?!
(Thanks Matt!)

He downloaded some Muse from a gig they did for Kroq and its flippin amazing! Also watched Hysteria at the Eden Project and MotP at Kroq! So good!
Its nice to talk to someone as crazy(if not more crazy) about Muse as me!

I took some pictures, because I jus dont have enough pictures of Matt. Well, I have alot of old ones, but its just not the same is it? Since they were from back in the day n all that ..

Infact Matt did note that my room was just full of memories from Westfield Street and the 3years we were going out! Its madness really, the things I keep.
But what the heck, they dont harm anyone and its nice to remember the good ol’ days!

So yes, all in all it was really nice to see Matt and hang out with him again. Since we dont get to do it alot these days due to me workin or either of us not having any money!!

But, Thanks sweetie, u’s the best 🙂

Oh, and for all you peoples out there, Matt has started his very own blog! So go check that out!