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Boredom does strange things to a person!

December 21, 2007

Im not one for gambling really. Its not like I spend my Saturdays down the bookies betting on horses but I do occasionally have a flutter online.
I did so today. I put £10 in my account at Coral which I do every 2 months or so, then if I dont spend it all I can come back another day!

Anyway, I started with horses, but I didnt get very far with them, I have no idea about them and I dont understand it. Apparently picking the prettiest names isnt always the best idea! I did manage to win £1.67 tho. So not all bad!

I then went onto the games section. I played BlackJack for a bit, but it annoyed me in the end, so I gave up. Then I went onto Deal or No Deal. I got down to winning either, £15 or £1.95. Then the banker offered me £8 so I took the £8. Turns out I did the right thing, cus my box had the £1.95 in it! Phew!

Anyway, after all that I did manage to come out with £28. I didnt think I’d won that much, but I must of won more on BlackJack than I’d thought!
So now thats going into my bank account all ready for after Xmas!

Of course, I can see why people get addicted to it, its so tempting once you’ve won to go back and try and win more! Though most of these sites do have limits on how much you bet per day so Ive read. Tho apparently is optional! I dunno, Im not that bad just yet.

Next time I probably wont be as lucky! But for now I’ll sit and be content with my loverly £28 I made from a tenner!