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I feel violated, physically

January 3, 2008

After hearing this … 

Apparently some guy found an awful cover of Knights of Cydonia by Muse … then put the actual video over it!



December 22, 2007

I thought I’d give you all a brief explanation of my blog name and the header picture. Because Im sure all all sat around your computers wondering .. (Yuh!)

Anyway, basically, the picture is from when I went to see Muse at Earls Court on 19th December 2004 and is actually a picture of the backscreen during ‘Ruled by Secrecy’. You cant see it awful well because the angles a bit dodgy and I was moving about alot, but on the screen is a timer counting down in the song until the end piano bit comes on.
Its all very beautiful, infact, Im not sure they do it anymore. I cant recall if they did it with the timer at Wembley, I dont think so (Matt?) .. but I digress.

And as you can imagine, ‘Change in the air’ is a lyric from the song, ‘Ruled by Secrecy’.


I thought it was kinda apt, what with having to make a new blog and it coming up to New Years an all that!

(Of course, I didnt need to tell Matt this, cus he would of known all this as soon as he saw it! Gotta love Muse fans!)