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January 3, 2008

You ever feel like your entire life is going down the pan?

Thats what I feel right now.
Tho Im tryin to change all that. My job is seriously making me ill. You may not have noticed because when Im not there Im a happy person and generally I seem well enough.

Im not.

Its not like Ive been lying to your faces. In the beginning I did like the job. Its just its draining me emotionally and physically.
The stupid problems I have in my head are worse than ever. Im having random panic attacks late at night. I cant sleep for anxiety.

I feel like Ive let everyone down. Like everyones gonna think less of me now. I mean, who wants a quitter?
My parents/grandparents say they dont wanna see me ill. But Im sure they really are disapointed in me. Im pretty sure Norm is very disapointed in me, despite what he says.

I hate letting people down. I need to look after myself though. I cant go on like this.
2008 is a new start. Im sure it will be a good year. At least, I hope it will.


Liz sums up 2007

January 1, 2008

I yoinked this idea from Matt! So heres 2007 summed up by Me!

Best Month – May

My Nan went on holiday for two weeks and Norm came over and hung out with me. We’d only been going out a few weeks but it was a truly amazing time. He met my friends, I showed him Lincoln’s nightlife (Im sure he was as unimpressed as me!) and generally got to know each other better. I think it helped our relationship go that extra bit further in those first few weeks.

Worst Month – April

I split up with my ex and the aftermath was really awful. I fell out with Kirstie even more because of it. People said some really mean things. But I can totally understand why.

Best Party – Norms House Party in June

I didnt know Norm’s housemates and other friends all that well, infact I hadnt even met some of them, but thanks to our friend alcohol and my love of meeting new people Ive made some good friends out of it.
Plus the fact that the music was amazing and it was a nice day. Randomers from another house party turned up. All in all it was just brill!

Best Gig – Muse, Wembley Stadium 17/06/07

Its gotta be, hasnt it?
I cant put into words how good it was. I was in awe the entire time Muse were on stage! It was a brilliant venue and I wish I could go back tomow!!

2nd Best Gig – The Who, KC Stadium May 2007

I hadnt really heard that much of The Who before hand, but as it turned out I knew more than I thought. I went with Norm and we had a crazy time going there and getting back but it was a brilliant gig!
I didnt know if they would be good (seein as they’ve all got bus passes!) but I loved every second. I recommend anyone who likes them should deffinatly go and see them!

Best Night Out РMini Otley Run

Me, Norm and MC did a mini Otley Run after Blackpool had won the playoffs! A pint in each pub, plus a trip to subway. Meeting crazy cavemen and getting shoulder rides on the way!
Also that night ended up at Izzy’s. I was the drunkest Ive ever been. I couldnt goto work the next day because I couldnt even move, let alone get the train!

Best Moment – Me, Norm and Dead Poets Society

We were sat on the sofa watching DPS and being all coupley because everyone had gone out. It was the happiest and most content Ive ever been in my life!

Best Thing About 2007 – Norm

After getting to know Norm better and him asking me out. Its been a really amazing 8 months and hes done me so much good. Ive got my feet on the ground and Ive got a really good feeling about us for 2008.
Thank You Ski ūüôā

Other Good Shizz

Making up with K. Having a really good friend in George and Matt. The Chequers re-opening and seeing people Ive not seen for years because of it! Going to London with A-Soc. Getting my new job.

Other Bad Shizz

Practically losing a friend of mine for reasons I decline to say here. Being a cow to my ex. Packing up driving (again!). Not moving out of home. Mrs H dying.


Its snowing!!

December 25, 2007

Or at least it is on my blog .. until the 2nd of Jan! Ha! I love it.

Tho I kinda do and also dont want it to snow here. I love snow, but if it does then Norm might not be able to come and that would be bad.

Anyway, my Birthday in 4 days! Lets rejoyce at me turning 22!! WOotage!



December 22, 2007

I thought I’d give you all a brief explanation of my blog name and the header picture. Because Im sure all all sat around your computers wondering .. (Yuh!)

Anyway, basically, the picture is from when I went to see Muse at Earls Court on 19th December 2004 and is actually a picture of the backscreen during ‘Ruled by Secrecy’. You cant see it awful well because the angles a bit dodgy and I was moving about alot, but on the screen is a timer counting down in the song until the end piano bit comes on.
Its all very beautiful, infact, Im not sure they do it anymore. I cant recall if they did it with the timer at Wembley, I dont think so (Matt?) .. but I digress.

And as you can imagine, ‘Change in the air’ is a lyric from the song, ‘Ruled by Secrecy’.


I thought it was kinda apt, what with having to make a new blog and it coming up to New Years an all that!

(Of course, I didnt need to tell Matt this, cus he would of known all this as soon as he saw it! Gotta love Muse fans!)


Zomg! Myspazz FTL!

December 20, 2007

Yuh! So I just went on myspazz as I do very occasionally because I steal quizzes from there but the main reason I still check on it is cus my friend Ian uses it. Idk why he refuses to use FaceBook when its quite blatantly superior! Hee hee!

Anyways, I was on and I was thinking, all those ppl on FB who are saying its getting too much like MS. Well, I think not. Infact, I think MS is getting more like FB!
Its got photo tagging and a news feed and a status updatery thing! I mean, those things were never on 6 months ago when everyone was on Myspazz!
Maybe they’re trying to get ppl back .. but I doubt it. I was on a few ppls profiles and the annoyingness which ensued was just .. well, annoying! The music, the annoying shiny backgrounds! Gah! Even my profile offended me!

The things you do when you cant sleep eh?