FAQ about Liz

Q. Who the heck are you?
A. Im Liz 🙂

Q. And this is your blog, yeah?
A. Indeed it is yes. My new one, since I managed to delete my old one.

Q. What was your old blog and can we access it?
A. My old blog was www.lizziemoogle.com and no, its gone forever!

Q. So, you got a boyfriend?
A. Yes! I have my Normski 🙂 We’re very happy together thankyou!

Q. And a job?
A. Yes. Im a Health Care Support Worker (or NA) in Lincoln County Hospital

Q. Ah, so you live in Lincoln then?
A. I do indeed. Well, in a village just near to Lincoln.

Q. Who’s your favourite band?
A. Muse. The best band on the planet. Which happens to have the best guitarist on the planet; Matt Bellamy.

Q. Favourite Muse song?
A. Oooh. Probably Deadstar or Sober, atm. It changes weekly! LoL!

Q. Whadda you do in your spare time then?
A. Goto Leeds and see Norm and my Leeds friends or hang out here with Chrissy, Kirstie or Matt. Faff on the internet, listen to music, goto the pub .. usual stuff!

Q. What films?
A. Natural Born Killers, Silence of the Lambs, A Clockwork Orange, Dead Poets Society, American History X, Scary Movie (1,2,3&4), Silent Hill, Alien, Apocolypse Now, Great Escape, Dambusters …

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